Adding Teachers to Positions

Adding Teachers to Positions

1. Go to Institutions

2. Select Staff. All positions should have already been created.

2. Select "+" sign to add a new staff member

3. Search for the staff to which you want to add a position by typing in either the OpenEMIS ID, first name, last name, Identity number and/or date of birth of the person you want to add.

4. Once you are satisfied with the information you entered, click the filter button and observe the search results

5. Once you have identified the staff member you wish to add to the position,  select the person by clicking the circle to the extreme left of the row. You should see a black dot in the circle you have selected and the row will now highlight blue. You can only select one person at a time for a single position. 

6. Once you have selected an individual, select “Add Staff” button to add:
  1. Start Date. Do not add an End Date.
  2. Position Type (Full Time/Part Time)
  3. Position (Positions that are greyed out have already been filled)
  4. Staff Type
  5. Shifts

The fields that are greyed out are not editable as they were created and exist elsewhere. If the information is not correct, it should be edited from the Directory tab.

7. Select “Complete” at the top right hand corner to finish the addition.

All teachers should be assigned to a position

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