Creating and Editing Class Lessons

Creating and Editing Class Lessons

The class content is organised by Lessons. Each section can have multiple lessons that have a dropdown arrow which shows a list of the content in the lesson as well as the date of creation or most recent update. To view a specific content, click the name of the content and it will open up in the content player. Lessons can be deactivated, deleted or renamed.   

To create a lesson:
1.Select a subject.
2.Click the "Add Lesson" button.

3. Enter the lesson name and description 
4. Select the "Add" button

To activate/deactivate a lesson:
1. Select a section.
2. Click add content beside the lesson and select "Go To Lessons Library"


3. Click the green toggle button.

To delete a lesson:
Note:Once Lessons have Been Deleted They Cannot Be Recovered 
1. Navigate to the Lessons Library
2. Identify the lesson you want to delete.
3. Click the delete icon then select delete

To rename a lesson:
1. Navigate to the Lessons Library
2. Identify the lesson you want to edit.
3. Click the pencil icon to edit the lesson


4. Enter the new name.
5.Click the "Update" button.



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