Your Class Stream Page

Your Class Stream Page

1. Your Class Stream is where you can access all the content your teacher posts. You can complete them based on the sections and lessons the content is in as well as see your progress for the class and the upcoming live sessions.

2. You can click the option 'Classmates' to view all students and teachers for the class.

3. You can select 'Lesson Kits" to see all lessons that the teacher has uploaded for you to access

 4. You can select the icon beside 'Lesson Kit" and you will be able to access the 'Discussion Board'  where you can view thediscussion forum within the class. Here you can see all the posts by your classmates and teacher.

4B. Here on the Discussion Board you will be able to see all discussions that were had for that class as well as create one.

5. You can also access your gradebook by selecting the icon beside "Lesson Kits" and then selecting "Gradebook." From there you will be able to see your progress in the subject including the status, score, and date of submission of assignments. 

 6. Directly below the class section, you will find a list of live sessions and upcoming sessions as well as a button to view the past session details.


7. Under the class heading, you will find all the lessons in the section. Click the arrow to view/hide the posted content.

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